Most women in the modern world never think twice about the decision to give birth in a hospital. Like their mothers and grandmothers before them, they imagine a time when they’ll pack their bags, call their doctors and rush to the fluorescent lights and sterile sheets of their baby’s first home. But in a time when C-Sections are inexplicably on the rise, health costs are skyrocketing, and personal care is hard to find, some women are questioning this paradigm.

This film documents the lives of three women in New York, who for very different reasons have decided to go up against social trends and take the birth of their children into their own hands… and homes.

When it comes to home delivery, what is true and what is myth? Who are the women who defy institutional medicine to deliver their babies at home? What motivates them? How do they manage their pregnancies? And outside the medical setting, what arrangements do they make for the event itself (location, attendees, ceremonies, etc.)?

Home Delivery will answer these questions with an in-depth exploration of the small but passionate subculture of women who give birth at home. It will allow the audience a rare, profound and sometimes humoristic access to the intimacy of women, their partners and families during the most universal and spectacular event of all.